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PMS Soother - pelletized

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Painful Mare Soother A blend of herbs known to balance the hormonal system of the mare. May help to alleviate symptoms associated with pain and mental anxiety.

Recommended Amount: 1 oz. twice daily based on 1,000 lb horse. (1 ounce scoope provided)

Active Ingredients: Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Don Quai, Chaste Tree, Raspberry

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Customer Testimonials:

Cramp-X and PMS

 The challenge of developing a 2yr old AQHA mare has been made moreso by the effects of her HYPP status, specifically when she goes into heat. A"small chemical imbalance" caused her to exhibit stroke-like symptoms as well as the inability for her to move for extended periods of time. Vets were guessing, with prescription drugs were also considered, along with their long and short term side effects.
 I am so thankful for Cramp-X and PMS! The first cycle after receipt of your product all sysptoms ceased! I can't explain how it works, but the fact it is natural brings me much more satisfaction than surgery or drugs. THANK YOU HERBS FOR HORSES !!!!!!

Regina F.
West Virginia 2009



Thanks for processing my order for 20 pounds of PMS supplement. I decided to try your product a few months ago after watching my 18 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare suffer every month (even during the winter months) with debilitating heat cycles. This has gone on for 2 years. I have had her examined via ultrasound and had her ovaries declared "normal". During her estrous cycle she would appear very depressed and bloated looking. Her eyes did not have their usual "bright happy" look and I would wring my hands about what I could do for her. She essentially stood around for 7-8 days every month looking miserable. I did not want to try Regumate as veternarians suggested we could. I felt that was too drastic a measure to take at this point. I decided to try your product, PMS, and I've been very pleased! I give it to her every day of the month. At first she did not like to eat it, but very quickly she decided she even liked its taste. Her demeanor during her estrous cycles has improved to such an extent that I can ride her during her "heat". She still demonstrates very definate estrous behavior during her monthly cycle around our gelding but she is bright and happy looking and no longer just stands around looking horrible depressed and uncomfortable. She wants to interact with us. She amazingly no longer looks bloated, either. Of course, I am very pleased about this and her attitude tells me she is happier, too. Thanks for a great product!

Prescott, AZ

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