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Hey Mr. Don, just wanted to let you know how much I like the new liniment (Equi-mint)!! I use it on everyone before and after I run.  I like to especially spray them down in the shoulders and hamstrings for prerace and soak their legs after. I feel like it has helped with some of the inflammation that I sometimes get with Smash. I can even feel it in the joints of my fingers after I have rubbed their legs down. LOVE the spray bottle too, very convenient!!! Thank you so much for continuing to create all natural products that's safe for our horses! Look forward to seeing/ talking to you soon!
Shawna Bourne
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PMS Soother - pelletized
Price: Starting at $65.00
PMS Soother - pelletized
A blend of herbs known to balance the hormonal system of the mare. May help to alleviate symptoms associated with pain and mental anxiety.
Premium Equi-Lyte Powder
Price: Starting at $45.00
Premium Equi-Lyte Powder
Formulated to help provide support for electrolyte loss due to weather or strenuous activity. May assist in alleviating the symptoms of dehydration.
Quick Derm
Price: $29.95
Quick Derm
First Aid for Farm and Companion Animals
Sand Colic Blend - Powder
Price: Starting at $58.50
Sand Colic Blend  - Powder
A natural source of Psyllium husk that promotes a normal stomach function on horses in sandy areas.
Sarco-X - pelletized
Price: Starting at $51.00
Sarco-X   - pelletized
A unique blend of herbs formulated to resolve Sarcoid fungal growth.
Sea Salt
Price: Starting at $18.75
Sea Salt
Sea salt is Nature's electrolyte. It aids in digestion and stabilizes body functions and fluids. It is natural unrefined salt that contains over 80 essential minerals.
Senior Blend - pelletized
Price: Starting at $58.00
Senior Blend  - pelletized
Senior blend provides herbs necessary to help improve the energy level, strengthen the immune system and improve the digestion of the senior horse.
Special Blend #6 - pelletized
Price: Starting at $45.00
Special Blend #6  - pelletized
A unique blend of herbs that help promote a healthy horse on a daily basis.
Special Joint Blend - pelletized
Price: Starting at $84.95
Special Joint Blend  - pelletized
Special Joint Blend, now with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Contains a blend of herbs to help provide a stronger, healthier joint in your horse.
SRS Blend - pelletized
Price: Starting at $58.00
SRS Blend  - pelletized
A unique blend of natural herbs that provides optimal support for strengthening the respiratory system.
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